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January 1, 2000

Dear readers,

I’m pleased to invite you to this year’s innovative & informative event line-up from Singularity University — the exponential summit series. We’re tracking world-wide changes happening so fast that it’s important to catch key details from experts across many fields.

Our portfolio of global yearly summits brings to life the latest in exponential tech, tools and methods — with examples of how they’re transforming our world. The summits attract government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, organizations, impact partners, educators, and the general public. Please explore our summits below.

I hope you will attend & enjoy!

Ray Kurzweil

introduction | Singularity University • Exponential Summit Series

Ray Kurzweil founded Singularity University with colleague and fellow tech entrepreneur Peter Diamandis to inspire life-long thinking on important issue facing business, society, and innovation — as tech continues to accelerate its pace of development.

This conference series is especially tailored to business & finance executives, thought leaders, policy makers, science & medical researchers, technology creators, global activists, advanced students and entrepreneurs. There’s also a niche for the general enthusiast who’s intrigued by the potential for rapid advancement in science & tech to change our world for the better.

If you’re thinking about the future, you’re encouraged to come! Singularity University extends this generous discount for our readers.

Singularity University has keen insights on key topics in exponentially growing research & development in: Finance, Medicine & Health Care, and Manufacturing. More details and videos below.

The yearly United States series is 4 events:

about | Singularity University • Exponential Summit Series
Details about the events line-up.

The Exponential Summit Series takes Singularity University’s unique vantage point and focuses on exponentially accelerating technologies impacting Finance, Medicine & Health Care, and Manufacturing.

Our portfolio of global annual Summits brings to life the latest in exponential tech, tools, and methods — with real world examples of how they’re transforming our world. Our Summits attract government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, non-government organizations, impact partners, educators, and the general public. Read on to explore our Summits in greater detail. We hope to greet you at these events!

Discover how exponential technologies are creating unexpected challenges and opportunities in your industry. How will blockchain impact financial markets? How will artifical intelligence AI affect health care? How will 3D printing change manufacturing?

The Exponential Summit Series examines how these and other emerging technologies will impact specific industries. Please attend — spend a few days with a diverse group of industry & tech experts, expand your mind, develop new connections, and explore the future.

series overview
Singularity University | Summit Series • main

global summit
Singularity University | Summit Series • Global Summit

exponential industry summits
Singularity University | Summit Series • Exponential Manufacturing
Singularity University | Summit Series • Exponential Finance
Singularity University | Summit Series • Exponential Medicine

international summits
Singularity University | Summit Series • India, Germany, Japan, Italy, Denmark

image: Attendees will expand their networks, meet interesting people, and make powerful collaborations.

event:  Exponential Manufacturing
part of:  Singularity University • Exponential Summit Series
date:  May 17-19, 2017
location:  Boston, MA • United States

about: Manufacturing is evolving. That’s why Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit will lead 600+ of the world’s brightest executives, entrepreneurs and investors through an intensive 3 day program to prepare them for the changes brought forth by unstoppable technological progress.

This summit is the place each year to gain the information, skills and network to position yourself, your team and your organization for success in an era of exponential change. Remove uncertainty, instill confidence, and take action in the year to come.

event:  Exponential Finance
part of:  Singularity University • Exponential Summit Series
date:  June 7-9, 2017
location:  New York, NY • United States

about: Exponential Finance is an intensive 3 day program that brings together a select group of leading executives, investors and entrepreneurs from around the globe to explore how exponential technologies are impacting business and our economy.

Artificial intelligence, digital currencies, robotics, nanotechnologies, crowdfunding, and computing systems. Together we’ll explore how these and other technology forces are rapidly re-shaping the way we do business. Come explore and prepare for the many opportunities and impacts thrust on the world economy. The rate and degree of change are accelerating faster than ever before. These sessions and many more are waiting for you. See you there!

  • Understand and take action on the big shifts in finance in the coming year.
  • Get a glimpse at the future of financial tools and trends powered by data, AI and machine learning.
  • Harness the power of new economic models.
  • Explore what’s on the horizon for digital banking.
  • Discover how fintech is changing the face of commerce.

event: Exponential Medicine
part of:  Singularity University • Exponential Summit Series
date:  November 6-9, 2017
location: San Diego, CA • United States

about: Exponential Medicine is a unique and intensive four-day experience that gathers world-class faculty, innovators and organizations from across the biomedical and technology spectrum to explore and leverage the convergence of fast moving technologies in the reinvention and future of health and medicine.

Our home in San Diego at the iconic Hotel del Coronado is the magic X-factor in building rapport and catalyzing deep conversation with faculty & participants.

From talks given in a custom designed theater with multiple configurations for listening — to our hands-on technology lab, beach yoga, dinners and bonfires — Exponential Medicine is a high energy, bold re-design of a medical conference.

event: Global Summit
part of:  Singularity University • Exponential Summit Series
date:  August 13-15, 2017
location: San Francisco, CA • United States

about: The future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict. Converging technologies are accelerating human progress and creating unexpected opportunities at an unfathomable pace. This is your chance to join a world-class collection of thinkers, leaders and doers to help redefine the future of business, technology, and humanity as a whole.

Singularity University Global Summit is our flagship event — the place to meet fellow change-makers while discovering the world’s breakthrough innovations.

about | Singularity University was founded in 2008 by Ray Kurzweil, chancellor & Peter Diamandis, MD, chairman. We educate, inspire & empower leaders to use exponential technologies — to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

Our learning & innovation platform supplies the skills and network to build breakthrough solutions, so you can leverage emerging tech.

With our community of entrepreneurs, corporations, development groups, governments, investors and institutions, we have the ingredients to create an abundant future.

Singularity University serves individuals & organizations with a range of products to let them understand rapidly accelerating technologies that can improve life for billions of people, globally. Our products include custom educational experiences, conferences, plus labs to incubate corporate innovation & social impact projects.

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Profile of the event’s benefits.

play videoWelcome to Exponential Manufacturing

about the video: Manufacturing is going through its most fundamental shift since the dawn of the industrial age. The event curates  of 600+ top executives, investors and entrepreneurs from around the world — to explore how exponential tech influences how products are envisioned, designed, sourced, produced, assembled, sold and consumed.