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November 1, 2021


— letter —

Dear readers,

We originally created our company — Transcend: presented by Ray + Terry’s — after writing two best-selling health books together. We write with a passion for enabling people: with knowledge, nutrition choices, recipes, resources, and technologies — to live healthy.

We put a high level of quality, care, and attention to detail — into all our Transcend materials + products. Our selection of supplements, wellness + personal care products, and longevity formulas are chosen with our personal evaluation.

Our vision is to make Transcend your go-to center for wellness lifestyle products — to support your health journey. Please visit Transcend to read, shop, learn, and enjoy.

best wishes,

Ray Kurzweil
Terry Grossman MD

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Transcend | home
Grossman Wellness Center | home

— books —

1. |

book title: Fantastic Voyage
deck: Live long enough to live forever.
author: by Ray Kurzweil + Terry Grossman MD
year: 2004

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2. |

book title: Transcend
deck: 9 steps to living well forever.
author: by Ray Kurzweil + Terry Grossman MD
year: 2010

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the TRANSCEND program | 9 steps

T — talk to your doctors

Prevention and early detection of are essential to maintaining good health. You can take an active role in developing your own preventive health program. Be informed and conduct open discussions with your health care provider.

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R — relaxation

Life is stressful, even at its best. Better coping with stress can improve your health. You can take steps to constructively reduce stressful factors in your life, so you’ll feel like you’re best possible best self + maximize wellness.

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A — assessment

The 2 pillars of longevity health planning are prevention and early detection. Incorporate a routine plan for labs, yearly exams, specialized assessments, and self-care. Staying fit, staying on a health maintenance plan — staying in-the-know.

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N — nutrition

We are what we eat. Making nutrient-rich food choices will help you overcome exhaustion, repair injuries, and heal illness. Good meal planning keeps your energy levels balanced through-out the day, your natural immunity high, plus supplies plenty of vitamins to your body. Avoiding processed sugar, and eating lots of healthy evenly-organized food groups — plus as many dark green vegetables as you can eat — are nature’s ready-made medicines for your healthy life path.

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S — supplementation

The need for nutrients goes beyond the risk of deficiency. As research related to nutrition and disease continues to expand, so too does new evidence supporting the need for nutritional supplementation. To get started, consider these main topics.

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C — calories

The obesity + anorexia epidemics that seem to accompany long sedentary hours, stressful life experiences, and effects from eating large quantities of processed sugar and not enough vegetables + lean meats — as well as chronic meal skipping — is sweeping the country. About two thirds of the US  is overweight.  Reducing obesity — and the opposite, under-eating — can clear-up many health disorders, restore your physical mobility, help digestion + re-generation + healing,  cheer you up, and improve pregnancy.

A little at a time you can heal obesity and anorexia. Essential balanced meals and routine schedule — and not finding yourself in situations where cheap oils, deep-fried food, and sugar become your only food options — are key to your healthy life path. Preparing ahead for eating good, quality calories in your day, including a comfortable fitness routine — can work miracles for all types of eating disorders.

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E — exercise

A key component of our program: moderate exercise — is a magic wand for your healthy life. Fitness helps circulation + digestion, boosts natural defenses, reduces stress, improves muscle tone + movement.

People who exercise, even a little each day — famously live longer + healthier. We are as young as we feel — and safe exercise will boost your today + your tomorrow. Experts believe exercise can flush the body plus speed-up healing. Our program integrates 3 exercise types — to build muscle balance, endurance, tone, flexibility, and re-generative health.

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N — new technologies

We’re at the cusp of amazing knowledge discoveries about nature, wellness, biology, and the true roots of illness. As we move into the new era in which health and medicine become information technologies, we are gaining tools to augment, repair, rebuild and improve the human body.

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D — de-toxification

You are constantly bombarded with toxins from inside and out, and some of that is inevitable. But you can limit your exposure, strengthen your body’s natural immunity, and clean-out your body of debris. Get your juices flowing, on a routine, to handle the stresses of modern living. Drinking plenty of clean water, and reducing dangerously toxic substance habits, is another key in your healthy life path.

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story | no. 1

Spare parts.

Scientists world-wide are working to create spare parts for the human body. These technologies provide assistance to people with physical disabilities. Plus we’ll soon be able to fully replace or assist body parts that need healing.

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story | no. 2

Wellness from within.

We often have days where we feel something’s amiss — but we struggle to label what it is. We explore helpful ways to cope with difficult memories + emotions.

We present some practical steps for your everyday routine: daily time to check-up on how you’re feeling, setting aside space for meditation, keeping a diary of goals + inspirations, sleeping well, supporting yourself with exercise, eating a balanced diet. And learning what works for your mind + body to find balance.

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— letter —

Dear readers,

I first met Terry Grossman MD at a technology event where I was speaking in year 1999. In the two decades since, we’ve formed a lasting bond for co-creation, knowledge sharing, and practical steps for personal health care.

Terry’s a leading thinker and well-known activist for longevity. He’s also a life-long learner.

He lectures globally, writes books on health — and practices traditional + alternative medicine in his clinic. Terry investigates nutrition supplements plus techniques for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Together we co-founded Transcend Longevity co. — and co-wrote two best-selling books. Terry is available for health consultations in the US at his Grossman Wellness Center. I’ve been a patient of Terry’s since 2000.

I recommend his holistic blend of classic + alternative medicine. Routine check-ups, tranquility techniques, good nutrition, whole living, personally tailored lab tests — plus adopting the best medical tech available — is our good recipe for healing.

Ray Kurzweil

about | Terry Grossman MD

name: Terry Alan Grossman MD
school: Brandeis Univ. — 1968
school: Univ. of Florida | School of Medicine — 1979
family practice: since 1980

clinic: Grossman Wellness Clinic | home
position: founder + medical director
year: 1995 — present

membership: board certified
organization: American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
organization: American College for Advancement in Medicine

medical license: Colorado medical board
license number: DR 0023148

medical license: California medical board
license number: G 85531

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