Sprouting ideas in 3D with a novel ‘blended reality’ device

October 30, 2014

Sprout (credit: HP)

What happens when you combine a scanner, depth sensor, high-resolution camera, projector, Windows 8.1 desktop computer with Intel i7 processor and 1TB of storage, and two touch screens, all squeezed into a single device?

HP calls it “Sprout,” part of a new immersive “Blended Reality” ecosystem that is “designed to break down the barriers between the digital and physical worlds.”

A friendly maker tool

HP pitches sprout as an ideal creative tool, for designers, for example (see bottom video below), but  in practical terms, “the idea is clearly to get 3D-making tools into the hands of creative people to allow them to start experimenting with techniques for building 3D models,” says ZDNet.

“For now, users can take advantage of these tools to print to existing 3D printers from companies such as Makerbot and 3D Systems, but HP claims that its 3D printers will eventually not only be faster but will have higher resolution.”

Sprout will be available Nov. 9, priced at $1899.99.

Here’s an introduction:

HP | Sprout features

And here’s how a media arts director uses it:

HP | Sprout story