STAIF II: The Space Technology & Applications International Forum

September 25, 2012

In the past year many important events have taken place, including the NASA/DARPA Warp Drive Conference, the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle, the PIONEER gravitation anomaly, progress with nuclear hybrid reactors. and other developments.

STAIF II proposes to look at these scientific subjects as well but with some interesting variations. For example, the NASA/DARPA conference focused upon developing a warp drive in a century. We prefer to look at this possibility within a decade. We are also interested in defining the confirmation and usefulness of the Higgs-Boson particle with reference to communication, energy, or use in propulsion.

STAIF II is always interested in new presentations regarding gravitation as well as the PIONEER anomaly. A STAIF paper regarding hybrid reactor technology has provoked significant interest; does this change the paradigm regarding how we deal with energy?

The current Conferences/Sessions with chairs and co-chairs under consideration are as follows:

Conference A: Conventional Technology Wisdom | Detailed Info
Charles Suchomel- Chair Chris Martens- Co-chair

Conference B: Plasma Physics | Detailed Info
John Brandenburg- Chair Bruce McCandless II- Co-chair

Conference C: Gravitational Waves | Detailed Info
Robert Baker- Chair Gary Stephenson, Clive Woods, Giorgio Fontana- Co-Chairs

Conference D: Advanced Propulsion, Energy Conversion, and Communication Technologies | Detailed Info

  • Cosmos Environment | Detailed Info
    Charles Suchomel- Chair Morgan Boardman- Co-chair
  • Analytical Assessments of Technologies | Detailed Info
    David Mathias- Chair Young Bae- Co-chair
  • Experimental Assessments of Technologies | Detailed Info
    Young Bae- Chair Paul Murad- Co-chair
  • Scientific Anomalies | Detailed Info
    Paul Murad- Chair Frank Mead-Co-Chair

Conference E: Mars Session | Detailed Info
John Brandenburg- Chair Frank Mead- Co-Chair

Conference F: Environmental Sciences | Detailed Info
Morgan Boardman- Chair TBD- Co-chair