‘Strange Beasts’: Is this the future of augmented reality?

April 10, 2017

(credit: Magali Barbe)

“Strange Beasts” — a five-minute short science fiction movie produced by Magali Barbe, is in the form of an augmented-reality-game promo. Victor Weber, founder of Strange Beasts, says the game “allows players to create, customize, and grow your very own creature.”

Supervision (credit: Magali Barbe)

Weber explains that this is made possible by “nanoretinal technology” that “superimposes computer-graphics-composed imagery over real world objects by projecting a digital light field directly into your eye.” The imagery is reminiscent of Magic Leap promos — but using surgically implanted “supervision” displays.

The movie’s surprise ending raises disturbing questions about where augmented-reality may one day take us.