Supersapiens, the Rise of the Mind

July 21, 2017

(credit: Markus Mooslechner)

In the new film Supersapiens, writer-director Markus Mooslechner raises a core question: As artificial intelligence rapidly blurs the boundaries between man and machine, are we witnessing the rise of a new human species?

“Humanity is facing a turning point — the next evolution of the human mind,” notes Mooslechner. “Will this evolution be a hybrid of man and machine, where artificial intelligence forces the emergence of a new human species? Or will a wave of new technologists, who frame themselves as ‘consciousness-hackers,’ become the future torch-bearers, using technology not to replace the human mind, but rather awaken within it powers we have always possessed — enlightenment at the push of a button?”

“It’s not obvious to me that a replacement of our species by our own technological creation would necessarily be a bad thing,” says ethologist-evolutionary biologist-author Dawkins in the film.

Supersapiens in a Terra Mater Factual Studios production. Executive Producers are Joanne Reay and Walter Koehler. Distribution is to be announced.


  • Mikey Siegel, Consciousness Hacker, San FranciscoSam Harris, Neuroscientist, Philosopher
  • Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist    , Hanson Robotics, Hong Kong
  • Hugo de Garis, retired director of China Brain Project, Xiamen, China
  • Susan Schneider, Philosopher and cognitive scientist University of Connecticut
  • Joel Murphy, owner, OpenBCI, Brooklyn, New York
  • Tim Mullen, Neuroscientist, CEO / Research Director, Qusp Labs
  • Conor Russomanno, CEO, OpenBCI, Brooklyn, New York
  • David Putrino, Neuroscientist, Weill-Cornell Medical College, New York
  • Hannes Sjoblad, Tech Activist, Bodyhacker, Stockholm Sweden.
  • Richard Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist, Author, Oxford, UK
  • Nick Bostrom, Philosopher, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University, UK
  • Anders Sandberg, Computational Neuroscientist, Oxford University, UK
  • Adam Gazzaley, Neuroscientist, Executive Director UCSF Neuroscape, San Francisco, USA
  • Andy Walshe, Director Red Bull High Performance, Santa Monica, USA
  • Randal Koene, Science Director, Carboncopies Science Director, San Francisco

Markus Mooslechner | Supersapiens teaser