The Economist | 2011 Innovation Awards winners

December 21, 2011

The Economist | This year The Economist’s Innovation Awards reached its 10th year so we invited all of our past winners and our judges from around the world to attend the ceremony and summit to mark the tenth anniversary.

The theme was “the essence of truly great innovation” and in recognition of this we launched the Anniversary Award which was presented to Steve Jobs for his contribution to innovation over the past decade. Over 22,000 votes were received between the voting window opening on June 1st and October 14th, when it closed.

Since 2002, we have handed out awards to some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators, scientists and innovators. De Soto. Miyamoto. Gates. Zuckerberg. Wales. Jobs. People who map our future by pushing themselves to break down boundaries. Those who refuse to stand still. Changing the way we work, think and live.

To watch video interviews with all of the winners, please click here.

Award categories: Our awards celebrate outstanding innovators in the following categories:

  • Bioscience: includes pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and agriculture
  • Business processes: enabling compounds, products, technologies or methodologies which underpin product discovery, design, or manufacturing, as well as fulfillment processes
  • Energy and the environment: includes green technologies, utilities and transportation
  • Social and economic innovation: novel technologies and business models that improve everyday lives (e.g. microcredit)
  • Computing and telecommunications: includes hardware, software, security, telecommunications
  • Consumer products and services: may include the product, process, media or design in support of a product or service
  • No boundaries: technology-based products or services that don’t fit neatly into any of the above categories (this includes materials science, nanotechnology and other emerging fields, e.g. blue-violet laser)
  • The Corporate Award: For corporate use of innovation: Nominations submitted by the judging panel only.

The Economist’s Innovation Awards 2011

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