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January 1, 2000

show title: Popular Science • Future of …
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brand: Popular Science

about the show | Hosted by author, comedian, writer and TV personality Baratunde Thurston, each episode examines how one important area of human life will change in our near future. Through in-depth interviews with maverick scientists and hands-on experience with breakthrough research and extraordinary prototypes, Baratunde Thurston guides viewers on a deep exploration.

Future of Combat
Future of Communication
Future of Habitat
Future of Immortality
Future of Adventure
Future of Pleasure
Future of Super-Humans
Future of Play
Future of Sex

about the episode: Remote controlled orgasms are available on demand from a real-life orgasmatron. A brain scan detects the presence of true love. Spit parties take place where you can check out the DNA of potential mates. Even robot lovers, the future of sex is looking hot.
Future of Security