The Pivot Conference

April 29, 2014

Starting now and leading up to The Pivot Conference we’ll explore the landscape of problems faced by today’s most active and adaptive Social Businesses through year-round intimate events and gatherings. The last stop of this exploration is Pivot in October, the apex of our year-round journey together.

Then join us October 16-17 at the Nasdaq in Times Square for The Pivot Conference, two days of unique and engaging discussion that will both inspire and enlighten as well as re-connect you with fellow leading brands and the most innovative and exciting tech platforms.

More than just a conference, Pivot in October will be an exclusive gathering of brand and technology leaders, featuring receptions, dinners, live programming and more.

Pivot represents a unique concentration of power, talent and ideas – creating the space for Social Business power players to start new conversations, challenge conventions and continue their transformation.

All Pivot events are invitation only. Our guests are Executives from Major Brands, Creative Agency Leaders, the Bright Minds behind Brilliant Start Ups, and the Theorists who guide us through the murkier aspects of Social transformation. Do you fit into one of these categories? You can contact Pivot President, Matt Godson to learn more about becoming a part of our community.

Pivot & PivotPlus Conferences

New for 2014: Pivot & PivotPlus Conferences – Two very special single-day conferences (October 16-17) for start-ups, brands and agencies to be held at the Nasdaq in Times Square and which will include Pivot and key supporters ringing the Nasdaq exchange opening bell on October 16th.

View the 2013 Agenda here

Join us as we continue our social journey together.

Pivot in 2014 is invite only. If you believe you or your company should attend, request an invite through Pivot President, Matt Godson. If interested in having a deeper presence as a Pivot Namesake Sponsor, please contact Pivot VP, SolutionsAlexandra Hertel or Pivot President Matt Godson

Gala Dinner

Taking place after the first day conference closes, join 250 leading brands and technology innovators for the invitation-only Pivot Gala reception and dinner at the W NY Hotel on Lexington Avenue. Reserve your table today by contacting Pivot VP, Solutions Alexandra Hertel

Master Sessions

Pivot content and speakers in years past have wowed and challenged attendees with tough questions, deep research and shocking examples of success and failure. This year, we’ll spread these sessions out over the course of the year, using Pop-Up Master Sessions to dive deep into questions that are top of mind for the most active Social Businesses.

Pop-Up Master sessions are invite-only private evenings for 50 – 60 guests in NY, SF and L.A., that begin with cocktails, continue with conversation and end with structured room for serendipity. During each Master Session, 2 – 3 analytically-chosen brand speakers will dissect the question for the evening, and one provocateur will start and put out fires, engage the audience, and encourage brands and attendees alike to challenge the status quo.

Pop-Up Master Sessions are invite only. If you believe you or your company should attend, request an invite through Pivot President, Matt Godson. If interested in having a deeper presence as one of our Pop-Up Sponsors, or hosting a cocktail salon after party, please contact Pivot VP, Solutions Alexandra Hertel

Pivot Dinners

Each quarter we gather our Pivot community for a 50-60 person dinner in either NY, LA, or SF. These dinners allow us to catch up, commiserate, and collaborate with those who have grown intrinsic to our mission and message. Our guests ignite valuable connections while enjoying a delicious meal and new perspectives.