Toward a Science of Consciousness: Brain, Mind, Reality

April 27, 2011 by Amara D. Angelica

(Credit: Center for Consciousness Studies)

Toward a Science of Consciousness: Brain, Mind, Reality will be held May 3–7, 2011 at Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden, keynoted by Sir Roger Penrose, speaking on “Consciousness and Physical Law.”

I attended the 2010 conference in Tucson; it was one of the most interesting and mind-expanding events I’ve ever experienced. This one should be even better.

It will feature sessions like Brain Electromagnetic Fields and Consciousness ( is consciousness embedded in the brain’s electromagnetic field?), Time and Consciousness I (does backward time referral of conscious experience in the brain require quantum physics?), and Consciousness and Reality I (Deepak Chopra in conversation with physicist Leonard Mlodinow, co-author of Grand Design with Stephen Hawking; and physicist Paola Zizzi, who will suggest consciousness came with the Big Bang).

Other sessions will include Transcranial Therapies (Allan Snyder will describe his findings that transcranial electrical stimulation can markedly enhance memory capability), Neural correlates of consciousness (presenting evidence that consciousness is distinguished by highly coherent activities of large number of brain neurons acting in unison), and Consciousness and Reality II (does consciousness somehow involve the nonlocal weirdness of quantum mechanics?).

On Sunday May 1, pre-conference workshops on Synesthesia (sensory cross-over common among creative individuals), and Neural Correlates of Consciousness (brain activities, network architectures and testable predictions regarding consciousness) will be held. On Monday May 2, a special pre-conference workshop by Deepak Chopra will address “Consciousness: The Ultimate Reality?”

Not to be missed: the POETRY SLAM / TALENT SHOW May 6 and the END-OF-CONSCIOUSNESS PARTY May 7.