Transhuman Visions 2.0′s ‘deep future’ exploration

February 28, 2014

Piedmont, California near Oakland will be the traditional setting for a radical “deep-future” symposium titled “TRANSHUMAN VISIONS 2.0 — East Bay” on Saturday March 1. Inside the 50′s-era Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium perched above the town’s Police Department, there will be 12 hours (9 am — 9 pm) of serious brain-boosting ideas, keynoted by eminent transhumanists Natasha Vita-More and Max More.

Here’s how event producer Hank Pellissier described it to KurzweilAI:

To kick it off, NaturalStacks, the conference sponsors, will be providing 450 free doses of their CILTEP “smart drug.” Speakers will include Turchin Alexei* (Moscovite Immortalist), Gennady and Wendy Stolyarov (co-authors of the children’s book Death is Wrong), Kevin Russell (techno-optimist), Monica Anderson (artificial intelligence revolutionary), Zoltan Istvan (The Transhumanist Wager), Brian Wang (Next Big Future) — who will be discussing the “genius babies” of BGI laboratories in China (known as the world’s largest genomic sequencing center), Egil Asprem (Norwegian esotericist), Andre Watson (on nanotechnology), Linda M. Glenn (on bioethics), Brad Carmack (Mormon transfigurist), blogger Michael Anissimov*, the award-winning Terra Nova Robotics Club of Pacifica, Hank Pellissier, and John Smart — who heads non-profit Brain Preservation Foundation and stunned the audience at the first Transhuman Visions conference when he assuredly stated that “everybody in this room will live to be 300 years old, if they want to,” and “Psychotropics & Transhumanists” about the psychedelic drug Ayahuasca by NYC futurist Gray Scott. We will conclude with “Immortal Music” — pop songs about living forever. Tickets ($35 and lower) can be purchased via EventBrite.

*According to a report on the The Proactionary Transhumanist blog on the “first ever street action for transhumanism in the United States,” on Wed. Feb. 26, activists Turchin Alexei, Jason Xu, and Michael Anissimov “occupied the large green Android bot [at the Googleplex], holding up signs saying, ‘Immortality now,’ ‘Viva Calico,’ and ‘Google, please, solve Death.’” (They politely left after a campus police request.) Simultaneously, in Union Square in New York, transhumanist activist Sarah Jordan Amechazurra was holding a sign saying “Google, please, solve Death.”

Transhumanist activists at the Googleplex (credit: Turchin Alexei)