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Google Lunar XPRIZE | Moon Shot | Official Trailer


Video Source: Google Lunar XPRIZE

Temple Grandin on her search engine

What it’s really like to have an autistic brain and how Einstein’s not the only genius who could have been dismissed for being different.


Video Source: Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios

Kurzweil Interviews Minsky: Is Singularity Near?


Deep Learning in Action | How to learn an algorithm: talk by computer scientist Juergen Schmidhuber, PhD

From the talk series by the Association of Computing Machinery.

algorithm - B1

NASA | 3D printed rocket engine roars to life

NASA - 3D printed engine - A1

Video Source: NASA’s Marshall Center

Nanobots: The rise of the molecular machines (video)


Video Source: American Chemical Society

Keiich Matsuda | Artist concepts of the future of augmented reality

Image from the concept film Augmented City 3D. -- credit | Keiichi Matsuda

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