Air Danshin | Japanese airbag protects homes from earthquakes

earthquake airbags

Video Source: The Guardian / Air Danshin

Fora.TV | Domestic spy drones raise legal concerns

domestic drone

Aaron Sims | In short film Archetype a combat robot rebels after malfunctioning with memories of once being human

Archetype short film RL7 robot

Video Source: Aaron Sims

Wake Forest University | Organ manufacturing

printing human ear

Video Source: NTD / TED / The Methuselah Foundation / University of Minnesota / Joseph Mercola, D.O.

Oxford Martin Program on the Impacts of Future Technology | Eric Drexler explores physical law and future of nanotech


Video Source: Oxford Martin Program on the Impacts of Future Technology

Reuters | Seasteading Institute aiming for floating cities within decade

Blueseed concept

Video Source: Reuters / The Seasteading Institute

Science Bytes | Blueprint for the brain

brain branching

Russia Today | AI researcher says people will fall in love with human-like robotic romantic partners

Love and Sex with Robots book

iRobot | The Ava mobile robotics platform

iRobot Ava

Video Source: iRobot

Sandia National Labs | Self-guided bullet can alter trajectory in flight, navigating to laser-painted target

Sandia self guided bullet

University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab | A swarm of ‘nano’ quadrotors in agile formations

swarm of nano quadrotors

Video Source: University of Pennsylvania | GRASP Lab

Super Bowl Ads for Geeks | Get sneak peeks at hilarious upcoming Super Bowl commercials, nerd-approved

Super Bowl Ads for Geeks

Video Source: Super Bowl Ads for Geeks

American Museum of Natural History | Beyond Earth: The future of space exploration

AMNH Beyond Planet Earth logo

Albino Black Sheep | Animator versus animation

Animator vs Animation by Alan Becker

Video Source: Albino Black Sheep (Alan Becker)

BMW | Demo of ‘CDC hands-free mode’ portends driverless cars

BMW driverless demo connecteddrive

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