Wearable gesture control: unleash your inner Jedi


Video Source: Thalmic Labs

Can a Myoelectric Armband Replace Your Mouse?

Virtual Reality, HDR, Photogrammetry at ICT

Video Source: Mahalo Daily

USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Honda short film Living With Robots

Video Source: Honda

Honda YouTube Channel

Honeywell unveils “cockpit of future”

Video Source: euronews

DigInfo | World’s first 8K Ultra HD display

super hd display

Video Source: DigInfo | Sharp & NHK

NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories
Sharp | Sharp and NHK successfully develop 85-inch direct-view LCD compatible with super Hi-Vision, a world first
DigInfo TV

New Scientist | Tech in a Minute: Can machines ever be intelligent?

computer graduating

Matrix-like fly-through shows brain in amazing detail


Video Source: New Scientist

Matrix-like fly-through shows brain in amazing detail

Esquire’s augmented reality issue

Esquire augmented reality issue

Video Source: Esquire

Stacks on the Surface

Video Source: Carnegie Mellon: Human-Computer Interaction Institute & Microsoft

Chris Harrison's website & Surface Stacks project details
Carnegie Mellon: Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Textiles of the future

Video Source: euronews

euronews: science & technology

Macrowikinomics murmuration: swarming, dynamic self-organization

Video Source: Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott Group official youtube channel
Don Tapscott official website

YouTube Leanback | New feature turns your videos feed into a virtual TV

YouTube leanback

Video Source: YouTube

Albino Black Sheep | Animator versus animation

Animator vs Animation by Alan Becker

Video Source: Albino Black Sheep (Alan Becker)

Robotiq robot hand


Video Source: IEEE Spectrum

Paragon Space Development | Google’s Alan Eustace breaks world record for near space jump

Paragon Space Development Corporation - Alan Eustace jump - promo - 4

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