University of Arizona | 3-D moving images possible with new hologram technology

Video Source: The University of Arizona

University of Arizona YouTube channel
University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences

Under Armour | Smart garments include embedded sensors and on-board computer for biofeedback

Under Armour shirt

Video Source: Under Armour

Under Armour YouTube channel
Zephyr Technologies

Stefan Eckert | The world’s first 3-D holographic fashion show

The world's first 3-D holographic fashion show

Brittany Wenger at TEDxWomen

TedX Talks - breast cancer

Video Source: TEDx Talks

Young innovators: Meet the brains behind an artificial brain

TED Talks: How Technology’s Accelerating Power Will Transform Us

Video Source:

Highlights of Honda at Sundance and ASIMO’s (robot) Film Festival Debut

Video Source: Honda

Road trip: 3 months, 13,000km… and no driver

Video Source: euronews

Multitouch musical instruments

Video Source: University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland & Music Conservatory of Geneva

IBM | Perspectives on Watson — customer service, finance, and healthcare applications


Video Source: IBM

IBM's YouTube channel
IBM Watson
Jeopardy! website for "The IBM Challenge"
IBM Watson's photo gallery

Verizon Wireless | ‘Susie’s Lemonade Stand’ commercials exemplify democratization of innovation

Verizon Wireless Susie lemonade stand commercial

Video Source: Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless YouTube channel

New Scientist | Physics in a Minute: The twin paradox

twin paradox

How to control a robot with your thoughts


Video Source: New Scientist

Video --- How to control a robot with your thoughts

Kinect + brain scans = augmented reality for neurosurgeons


Video Source: IEEE Spectrum

Kinect + Brain Scan = Augmented Reality for Neurosurgeons

NASA | Neutron stars rip each other apart to form black hole

neutron stars - black hole

Video Source: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Project Natal interactive Milo demo

Video Source: Xbox

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