Move over Dr. Moreau! Official trailer for Warner Brothers’ sci-fi movie Splice, genetic engineering nightmare

Video Source: Warner Brothers Pictures

Splice official website

Water droplet bouncing on a superhydrophobic carbon nanotube array

Video Source: ThoughtWare.TV

‘Where did we come from?’ on Nova: Science Now

nova where did we come from

Video Source: PBS | Nova: Science Now

Nova YouTube channel
PBS | Nova: Science Now website

Nova: Science Now on PBS | ‘How does the brain work?’

brain color map

Video Source: Nova: Science Now on PBS

Nova: Science Now | "How does the brain work?"

Twentieth Century Fox | Prometheus official full HD trailer


Video Source: Twentieth Century Fox

Prometheus official film site

Blood-brain barrier model to test drugs for brain diseases


Video Source: John Hopkins University

Tackling the brain’s barrier

CTRL+CONSOLE looks to take editing to the touchscreen


Video Source: Mashable

CTRL+CONSOLE Looks to Take Editing to the Touchscreen

Microsoft | Windows Phone digital assistant Cortana, based on popular smart AI character from Halo video game

Microsoft Windows Phone with Cortana screen

PointScreen™ user interface from the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis & Information Systems

Video Source: Fraunhofer IAIS

Futuristic rolltop laptop concept

Oil spills: search for a solution

Video Source: euronews

Robotic exoskeleton turns grunts into super soldiers

Video Source: KSL Channel 5 — NBC

Sarcos Exoskeletons and Robotics

IBM Business Analytics | real world examples of the power of predictive analytics

IBM predictive analytics

Video Source: IBM Business Analytics

IBM Business Analytics YouTube channel

Honda | ASIMO the robot live at Disneyland

ASIMO at Disney

Space bursts provide insight to Theory of Everything


Video Source:

Space Bursts Provide Insight to Theory of Everything

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