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Concept cars of the future

March 2, 2010

Video Source: ipodwheels YouTube channel

LA Auto Show

Short Film World Builder

March 2, 2010

Video Source: Branit|FX

Branit|FX website
405 short film by Bruce Branit & Jeremy Hunt

Microsoft® Live Labs™ Pivot™

February 25, 2010

Video Source: Microsoft Live Labs

Microsoft's Pivot website

Wii remote-controlled robot percussion

February 22, 2010

Video Source: Popular Science

Jazari Music

GE Healthcare’s Vscan, pocket-size ultrasound

February 14, 2010

Video Source: GE Healthcare

GE Heathcare: Vscan
GE's "Healthymagination" campaign
Press Release | GE Healthcare Introduces Vscan™ Pocket-sized Visualization Tool for Point-of-care Imaging

DISPLAX Multitouch Technology

February 13, 2010

Video Source: Vimeo / DISPLAX Interactive

DISPLAX Interactive


February 12, 2010

Video Source: Vimeo / Bonnier R&D

The Bonnier Group
Bonnier Mag+ Prototype

“Augmented (hyper) Reality: Domestic Robocop” by Keiichi Matsuda

February 10, 2010

Video Source: Vimeo / Keiichi Matsuda

Steve Jobs’ Apple iPad demo

January 28, 2010

Video Source: Apple Inc.

A journey through time

January 25, 2010

Video Source: EUTube

“New York Nearest Subway” augmented reality iPhone 3GS app by acrossair

January 25, 2010

Video Source: acrossair

Esquire’s augmented reality issue

January 25, 2010

Esquire augmented reality issue

Video Source: Esquire

Project Natal interactive Milo demo

January 25, 2010

Video Source: Xbox

Project Natal demo for Xbox 360

January 25, 2010

Video Source: Xbox

Micro and nanotechnologies are revolutionizing medicine

January 25, 2010

Video Source: EUTube

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