“The Pusher” by Keiichi Matsuda

Video Source: Vimeo / Keiichi Matsuda

Leveraging Web 2.0 to Ensure the Democracy of Technology

Video Source: MeriTalk Conference 2010

MeriTalk website

TED Talks: How Technology’s Accelerating Power Will Transform Us

Video Source: TED.com

Boston Dynamics “Big Dog” Ft. Benning report Feb 2009

Video Source: Ft. Benning Public Affairs Office

University of Arizona solar energy demo

Video Source: University of Arizona News

University of Arizona YouTube channel

Intel CTO Justin Rattner on Intel and the Singularity

Video Source: MemeBox/FutureBlogger

FutureBlogger: "Intel CTO Rattner: Wireless Power Likely to Produce Devices That Run Infinitely"

Virtual Reality, HDR, Photogrammetry at ICT

Video Source: Mahalo Daily

USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Multitouch musical instruments

Video Source: University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland & Music Conservatory of Geneva

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