What if quantum entanglement worked on the macroscopic level?

July 26, 2013

Experimental setup for entanglement of fibers. (No, we don’t understand it either, but it looks cool.) (Credit: N. Bruno et al.)

Quantum entanglement works for photons, and even molecuiles, but what about larger objects?

University of Geneva (UNIGE) researchers managed to entangle crystals in 2011, but now they have entangled two optic fibers, populated by 500 photons.

To do this, the team first created an entanglement between two fiber optics on a microscopic level before moving it to the macroscopic level. The entangled state survived the transition to a larger-scale world and the phenomenon could even be observed with the naked eye.

To verify that the entanglement survived in the macroscopic world, the physicists reconverted the phenomenon at the microscopic level.