Stefan Eckert | The world’s first 3-D holographic fashion show

December 6, 2011

(credit: Stefan Eckert)

Potts Mueller & Stefan Eckert Design | Yessian has ventured onto the catwalk with fashion designer Stefan Eckert, presenting music and sound design for a first-of-its-kind fashion show performance using 3-D holographic imagery.

The show required construction of one of the largest fashion stages ever created to showcase this innovative event.

It is a complete holographic show presented without using actual live models, but rather by utilizing large 3-D holographic projections to achieve exciting 3-D holographic images of models in motion. Stefan Eckert’s Fashion Show was sponsored by Bvlgari and Porsche and premiered in front of an audience of 850 at Kampnagel Theater in Hamburg, Germany.

Shoemance, “3-D holographic fashion shows — runway creativity or disaster?” | What do you think? If this trend of 3-D holographic shows continues, will the fashion world then become consumed in everything other than the fashion and the clothes? Will going to a fashion show become equated to going to a movie theater? Will the exclusivity be lost through this technological innovation?

Stefan Eckert Design website
Potts Mueller

Credits: Stefan Eckert 3-D Holographic Fashion Show — “Space Blues Symphony”

Director: Florian Sigl
DoP: Moritz Anton
Visual Artist: Tim Jockel
Production Company: Bakery Films Hamburg
Producer: Sunna Pilz
Postproduction Facility: Slaughterhouse Hamburg

Music: Yessian Music/Hamburg
Composers: Mathias Willvonseder, Mark Chu, Philippe LeSaux
Sound Designer: Jeff Dittenber
Creative Director/Producer: Ingmar Rehberg
CCO: Brian Yessian
Head of Production: Michael Yessian