2045: A Futurist’s Symposium

Dates: October 14, 2013
Location: Watford, United Kingdom

2045: A Futurist’s Symposium* is a look at the Earth as it is and as it will be, as we embark on a period of unprecedented change, a period of change beyond many of our wildest imaginations, potentially more dramatic and far-reaching than that of even the Industrial Revolution.

A selection of the most highly-respected thinkers, visionaries in fields such as cybernetics and futurology, will lead discussions on the ways in which programming biology and human augmentation are changing the world in which we live, and the ramifications this will have for what it means to be a human.

As our traditional systems and institutions are torn down and radical new ones rise in their place, the very fabric of our society altered irreparably. The speakers will look not only at the changes, but discuss how we can affect and control these changes to suit our needs.

* Not affiliated with GF2045

Professor Kevin Warwick — Professor of Cybernetics at Reading University
Neil Harbison — artist, musician, and cyborg activist
Mark Stevenson — author of  An Optimist’s Tour of the Future
Chris Wild — founder and curator of Retronaut
Michael Walters — Robotics thinker and researcher
Conor MacCormack — cofounder and CEO of revolutionary 3D printing company Mcor