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Kurzweil Network catalogs the quickening growth of technology, knowledge and ideas shaping tomorrow.

Published by best selling author, futurist, inventor Ray Kurzweil — our collection explores themes from his landmark books: list. The phrase accelerating intelligence is a two-part concept from his writing, it means always increasing our abilities, so we can craft our world’s future.

It also means the clock of civilization is speeding up. We learn faster, have better and faster access to knowledge + know-how — plus changes are happening to society at an unprecedented rate. Burgeoning opportunities for abundance promise to solve global problems — but we also have to keep up with new safety measures.

Our digest watches progress in science + technology: biology, nanotech + materials science, electronics, computation, artificial intelligence, robotics, web, pattern recognition, virtual reality, and prosthetics + body augmentation.

We collect trends, people and projects affecting marketplace, the arts, government + defense, medicine, communication, education, lifestyle, fundamental knowledge, and society’s future.


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