An iPhone app for real social video creation and sharing

July 19, 2012

(Credit: Vyclone)

What if you could instantly mash up, remix, and share videos with people on other social networks?

That’s the kind of experience that the makers of the Vyclone iPhone app have created, TechCrunch reports.

Vyclone takes advantage of location data to determine who you’re nearby while you’re shooting video in its app. It then matches that video against other users nearby.

The app allows the creation of videos using up to four different camera angles at once, and includes the ability to switch between filters to provide different effects.

Once videos are shot and uploaded to the server, the app syncs them up based on the timestamp and then stitches them together randomly, keeping the audio track of one of the videos.

It merely checks the location and timestamp of available videos, regardless of when they’re uploaded. That means that you could add them days later, and Vyclone would still make new mixes based on new assets.

Concerts and music festivals are an obvious use case for this type of video app, but users could also use it at sporting events and even in smaller groups.