awards | the Silicon Valley Forum: Visionary Award to Ray Kurzweil

Video w. intro from son Ethan Kurzweil.
January 1, 2013

group: Silicon Valley Forum
award: Visionary Award
year: 2013

about from Silicon Valley Forum | Each year Silicon Valley Forum honors industry leaders who pioneer innovation with the spirit of entrepreneurship. These business leaders help shape Silicon Valley. We honor people for their creativity and life-changing advancements in technology.The Visionary Awards celebrate: technology, education, venture capital, entrepreneurship.

Please enjoy talks by Visionary Award honorees: Steve Blank, Peter Diamandis MD, Padma Warrior and Ray Kurzweil at the summer 2013 event.

watch the video | Silicon Valley Forum: 2013 Visionary Awards

note: Ray Kurzweil and his son Ethan Kurzweil
present at 40 minutes and 00 seconds in the video.

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Silicon Valley Forum | Visionary Awards
Honorees for the year 2013.

  • Steve Blank — best selling author, entrepreneur
  • Ray Kurzweil — best selling author, entrepreneur, futurist
  • Peter Diamandis MD — best selling author, founder at X Prize Foundation
  • Padmasree Warrior — CEO at Nio