Beyond Second Life: more realistic avatars

May 21, 2013

Philip Rosedale, founder of once-popular virtual world Second Life, has created a new company called High Fidelity. As suggested by the video above and the blog, the company is developing more natural ways for avatars to communicate (with heads and hand movements, for example) and with low latency (faster response time).

“Imagine holding your phone and being able to twist and move your avatar’s hand. Kinda like turning any phone (with sensors) into a Wii controller,” says cofouinder . “Low and behold when we plugged our Glass in and tried to run the Android app from our IDE, Glass showed up as a device and it “just worked.” They are also experimenting with Oculus Rift.

As Downe notes, “the most immersive virtual worlds fall flat when trying to deliver the emotional data from real world facial expressions and body language.”