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The Matrix loses its way: Reflections on The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded

May 19, 2003 by Ray Kurzweil

Matrix Reloaded poster

Jabberwocky, AI, and aging

July 4, 2010 by L. Stephen Coles


The Island

January 1, 2000

The Island

featured | Stories + comics by my daughter: graphic novelist Amy Kurzweil

Short fiction + art exploring identity in a modern, digital world.
October 1, 2016

video | the Argus Project: exo-suit for the new urban reality

Interactive body armor concept for everyday citizens.
January 1, 2010

KEEP-Technion Israel Institute of Technology robot crawl through body

January 1, 2000

comic | And then nothing turned itself inside-out

October 31, 2010


Source: Questionable Content — October 20, 2010

Singularity University | Exponential Summit Series

A global special event series.
January 1, 2000

primary image - D1

CBS • The Late Show w. Stephen Colbert | Guest Marc Maron talks about Ray Kurzweil and singularity themes

The award winning comic actor dialogs about life before tech.
June 19, 2018

KEEP | National Bio-surveillance Advisory Sub-committee: living in age of pandemics

January 1, 2000

HUMOR | Found: Hawking’s initials written into the universe

February 8, 2010


Source: New Scientist Space — February 7, 2010

Health Tips | Boosting your brain, living longer

December 3, 2010 by David Despain

Quit smoking; feel better (Credit: Mike Cohea/Brown University)

on stage | Ray Kurzweil highlights University Innovation Fellows event at Google

January 15, 2018

Ray Kurzweil at UIF Nov 2017 ft

BOOK REVIEW | Almost Human: Making Robots Think

March 19, 2007


Source: Los Angeles Times — Mar 18, 2007

Stephen Wolfram, PhD and Ray Kurzweil Roundtable Discussion

February 24, 2006
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