Communications Industry Forum: Delivering Innovation and Quality in the Communications Ecosystem

Dates: April 26, 2012
Location: San Jose, California

A one-day conference focused on suppliers in the Communications ecosystem—network equipment providers, mobile device manufacturers, and semiconductor companies. We’ll look at Communications industry trends and how suppliers must align with market needs and improve product development processes to:

  • Deliver what the Service Providers and OEM’s want
  • Deliver higher quality
  • Achieve operational excellence

Agenda topics include:

  • Communications industry trends and outlook
  • Collaborating with Service Providers and OEM’s to align product portfolio and engineering resources
  • More effective and efficient testing of network infrastructure and services
  • Applying Agile practices to embedded systems and software development
  • Taking advantage of the Cloud for product development and offshoring
  • Optimizing System-on-Chip and software architecture