Conscious Business Meetup

Dates: June 2, 2014
Location: London, UK

This event is organised by Conscious Business UK with support from London Futurists.

For more details of the event, to complete registration, and to pre-pay the attendance fee of £10 per person, please visit the Conscious Business Meetup event page.

Speakers will include:

  • David Wood, Chair of London Futurists and co-founder of Symbian: “Technology convergence and exponential disruption: why business needs to change”
  • Tom Nixon - Co-Founder of NixonMcInnes
  • Jack Hubbard - Co-Founder of Propellernet
  • Paul Levy - Founder Cats3000 – Conscious Business Thought Leader.

There will be time to talk and meet others. You should leave with something that will have impact in your business.

Conscious Business UK has been running since 2010 and our aim is for it to be community-owned and run. Our purpose is to change the way business is done – so that it contributes to solving the world’s most complex problems. We do this by helping leaders of all kinds introduce more awareness, self-awareness, and purpose into their businesses. We connect people who share this purpose, help them share practical skills, and help them find ways to adopt and spread this approach.

Conscious Business UK is inspired by the ideas in the book Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business which is co-authored by:

For a quick introduction to the ideas of Conscious Capitalism, see this blog post. For the Wall Street Journal’s review of the book, see here.