Fourth International Conference On Future Energy

Dates: March 15 – 17, 2011
Location: College Park, Maryland

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COFE4 | Three compelling reasons to attend the COFE4-SPESIF Energy, Bioenergetics and Propulsion FORUMS:

1. Five conferences under one roof: Space Propulsion, Future Energy, Astrosociology, Gravity Waves and Space Science and Technology Forums.

2. Amazing peer-reviewed papers on: Human Missions to Mars, New Energy, Propulsion, NASA advanced concepts, Life Extension through Telomeres Elongation, Gravitomagnetics, Antigravity, Podkletnov effect, Space Elevators, Beamed Power, Nuclear propulsion, Toroidal coils, Coler apparatus, Low Energy Nuclear Power, Water Electrolyzers, Maglevs and Space Habitats and more.

3. Reasonable and flexible registration fees and reasonable hotel rates.