Freedom Phones and PINs: How to Find Osama bin Laden and Other Terrorists

October 1, 2001 | Source: KurzweilAI

Scientists and Middle East experts have come up with an idea for inexpensive “informer cell phones” dropped from airplanes and an anonymous reward scheme to encourage those with information on the identity and whereabouts of terrorists to provide this information to U.S authorities such as the FBI. The intelligence gathering operation, proposed by physicist and radio personality Dr. Bill Wattenberg on KGO radio in San Francisco, uses a unique PIN number which is devised by an informer and known only to the informer. This PIN allows him or her to transmit information over anonymous public phones or special “informer cell phones” with complete confidence that their identity will not be known. Later, the caller or their representative need present only their PIN number to collect a reward at U.S. agencies worldwide if the information provided proves to be valuable, no other questions asked, no identities revealed.

Wattenburg also says there are “means on the shelf today to supply millions of citizens in terrorist dominated countries with simple, inexpensive ‘informer cell phones’ ($30 each) that will allow them to easily and safely provide information on the whereabouts and activities of terrorist groups.

“Each informer cell phone will have only one transmit button that connects the caller to a Cell Receiving Station. A light indicator on the phone will tell the user when the cell phone signal can be heard by a cell receiver and a call can be made. Written instructions will be provided with each cell phone or inscribed on the phone which instruct the person on how to use the phone and how to obtain very large rewards for information leading to the whereabouts or activities of terrorists. A voice announcement back to the caller will also repeat the instructions. Solar cells installed on the informer cell phones will allow users to charge the cell phone batteries by simply leaving them in the sunlight for a day or so. Thus, the phones can be used over long periods of time whenever opportunity arises.

Wattenburg believes the existing satellite communication systems with worldwide coverage such as Iridium can also be used to receive messages directly without the need for ground-based cell Stations. If so, this “informer cell phone system” could go into operation instantly on a worldwide basis and it would be far more difficult to jam and/or disable.

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