Futurists worldwide celebrate ‘Future Day’ March 1st

To be hosted online by the Millennium Project
February 29, 2016

(credit: Adam Ford)

Today, March 1, five international futurist organizations will conduct a 24-hour global online conversation about the world’s potential futures, challenges, and opportunities. The objective is to support humanity in thinking about a more positive future.

Already started in New Zealand, the conversation is moving across the world with people entering and leaving the conversation whenever they want. The five organizations (The Millennium Project; the Association of Professional Futurists; “Science, Technology & the Future”; World Future Society; and the World Futures Studies Federation) will provide facilitators for each of the 24 time zones when possible (ending March 1 at 1:00pm Hawaii time (GMT-10). Join the current Google hangout here (updates on the Millennium Project website).

(credit: Millennium Project)

If the limit of interactive video conference participation is reached, new arrivals will be able to see and hear, but not have their video seen and voice heard; they can tweet their questions and comments to @MillenniumProj (#FutureDay2016, #FutureWeCreate, #FutureWeShare, #FutureWeWant,#FUTUREDAY). (As people drop out, new video slots will open up.)

Four years ago on March 1, 2012, groups around the globe celebrated Future Day for the first time. This year, Joyce Gioia, CEO of The Herman Group and Claire A. Nelson,PhD, Founder of The Futures Forum, will join Jerome Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project, to make this global online event a success.

More information:

  • Association of Professional Futurists, Joyce Gioia (for Cindy Frewen, Chair) 336.210.3548
  • Future Day, Science, Technology & the Future: Adam Ford, tech101@gmail.com
  • The Millennium Project, Jerome Glenn, CEO, Jerome.Glenn@Millennium-Project.org
  • World Future Society: Julie Friedman Steele, julie@wfs.org
  • World Futures Studies Federation, Jennifer Gidley, PhD, President wfsf.president@jennifergidley.com