Future Salon LA – The Future of Video Games

August 1, 2012

Come join our fun and useful discussions on key trends, innovations, problems, sustainability, and social responsibility. Work with and on new tools, practices, ideas and projects. See the future and seize the present. Grow your network of supportive, future-oriented friends. Mini potluck & meet-and-greet starts at 4:00 PM – please bring snacks and drinks to share!

The presentation will start PROMPTLY at 5:00 PM, since the venue closes at 7PM

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Presentation: The Future of Video Games. Video games have been around since the 1970s.  The industry has generated money to rival the earnings of the film industry.  But can it continue to do so? Thirty-year game industry veteran Tom Sloper analyzes the state of the game industry and where it is going, and promises to reveal a surprising platform of the future.

Tom Sloper has been a game producer and designer for 30 years.  He has designed and produced games for most major console platforms from the Atari 2600, 7800, and Vectrex on up to the Playstation, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, and DS, among others. He’s worked for Sega, Atari, Activision, and Yahoo. Currently he consults, writes, and speaks, and teaches about video games at the University of Southern California.  His website is www.sloperama.com.

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