HealthActivator Longevity & Brain Fitness Online Conference

Dates: January 1 – Dec 31, 2013
Location: Online

2013 Online Health Conference Schedule

In 2010 and 2012, the HealthActivator team held our first two face-to-face health conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For 2013, to enable participation from a wider geographic area at lower cost, we are presenting the conference via the Internet to up to 100 participants.

We are using cutting-edge videoconferencing technology enabling up to 12 people on video at once, screen sharing by any participant in the audience, plus the more traditional slide shows, audio, and text chat features.

The 2013 conference will be presented in 20 sessions spread out over the year, to maximize convenience and minimize information overload.

Each session is planned to include a keynote speaker presentation or interview, 15 minutes interaction with expert panelists, 15 minutes Q&A and commentary by participants, and 15 minutes of “check-in” during which participants report on and discuss their implementation plans, challenges, and results.

The draft schedule below is our DREAM TEAM goal: a list of keynote speakers to be invited for 2013.

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Presenters, topics and schedules subject to speaker availability

January 2013: 

Free conference video series from the 2012 Personalized Life Extension Conference

February 2013: Getting Started, DNA Testing & Optimizing Brain Function

Getting Started & DNA Testing: Christine Peterson, HealthActivator — CONFIRMED

Optimizing Brain Function: Nick Winter, Quantified Mind — CONFIRMED

March 2013: Testing & Telomere Protection

Telomere Measurement & Protection: Calvin Harley, Telome Health — CONFIRMED

Body Quantifying & Self-Tracking: Larry Smarr, UCSD — CONFIRMED

April 2013: Eating, Insulin & Macronutrient Alternation

Protein/Carb Alternation for Autophagy: Josh Whiton, The Whiton Protocol — CONFIRMED

Controlling Insulin, Leptin & mTOR: Ron Rosedale, MD — CONFIRMED

May 2013: Hormones & Inflammation

Hormone Optimization & Reducing Chronic Inflammation: Ron Rothenberg, MD — TO BE INVITED, UNCONFIRMED

Bioidentical Hormone Balancing: Lynne Mielke, MD — CONFIRMED

June 2013: Exercise, HRV, Hormesis & Gadgets that Help

Maximizing Heart Rate Variability: TBA — TO BE INVITED, UNCONFIRMED

Physical Improvements using Hormesis: Todd Becker, Getting Stronger — CONFIRMED

July 2013: Self-Experimentation & Standards of Info Quality

Self-Experimentation: Seth Roberts, Tsinghua University (Beijing) & UC Berkeley — CONFIRMED

Making Science-Based Health Decisions: Stephen Novella, MD — TO BE INVITED, UNCONFIRMED

August 2013: Supplements & Identifying What Doesn’t Work

Supplements: Terry Grossman, MD — CONFIRMED

Popular Errors in Supplementation & Exercise: Mike Nichols, MD — TO BE INVITED, UNCONFIRMED

September 2013: Sleep, Stress Reduction, Meditation, Willpower & Compassion

Getting the Highest Quality Sleep: Steve Fabregas, Sleep researcher — CONFIRMED

Meditation, Yoga, Willpower & Compassion: Kelly McGonigal, Stanford — TO BE INVITED, UNCONFIRMED

October 2013: Habits & Mood

Behavior Change through “Tiny Habits”: BJ Fogg, Stanford — TO BE INVITED, UNCONFIRMED

The Role of Gratitude in Health: Robert Emmons, UC Davis — TO BE INVITED, UNCONFIRMED

November 2013: The Quantified Self Approach: Coaching & Enhancing Brain Chemistry

Quantified Self Physicians & Coaches: Paul Abramson, MD — TO BE INVITED, UNCONFIRMED

Enhancing Brain Chemistry via Sex: Dave Asprey — CONFIRMED

December 2013: Break

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