Human Language Technology Conference 2012

Dates: October 4, 2012
Location: Chantilly, Virginia

Revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Civil war in Syria. Political unrest in Russia and China. Rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. The Iranian nuclear threat. The past twelve months have presented the intelligence community with a constant stream of new challenges requiring immediate responses.

Where will the next flash point be? How will upcoming elections in Egypt and Greece influence us? How are popular sentiments trending in China? In the past twelve months, Twitter traffic in the Middle East has increased by over 2,000% to more than 2.2 million messages per day. The number of worldwide Facebook users has climbed from 680 million to over 900 million. Social media and “big data” have become the two most valuable new sources of open source intelligence. And the role of Human Language Technology (HLT) in the intelligence acquisition environment has never been more important.

That’s why you should save the date October 4 and make plans to attend Basis Technology’s HLT Conference 2012 at the Westfields Marriott Conference Center, to learn about:

  • Cloud-scale name matching against distributed watch lists
  • High-volume, high-accuracy name translation
  • Hosting open-source search in the cloud
  • Beyond entity extraction—clustering, co-referencing, relationships
  • Exploiting crowd-sourced linguistic resources
  • Combining text analytics with temporal analytics

Update your knowledge on key topics which you’ve come to value from our past conferences:

  • New transliteration standards for the intelligence community
  • Desktop and workgroup tools for translator and linguist productivity
  • Arabic and Persian chat translation
  • MEDEX, CELLEX, and SIGINT applications
  • HUMINT reporting applications
  • OSINT collection and analysis