Dates: March 23 – 25, 2011
Location: Lyon, France

INNO-ROBO, the Innovation Robotic Summit in Lyon, France, is an international summit on robotics. It includes three different sub-conferences:

  1. ROBOLIFT explores the new robotics technologies and services, and turning innovations into market opportunities by anticipating major changes to come. The audience includes entrepreneurs, managers, designers, geeks, researchers, thinkers, and doers from a wide range of countries.
  2. The European Mechatronics Meeting (EMM) gathers experts to share their experiences and know-how on the most promising sectors of service robotics, as well as the technological and design challenges lying ahead:
    • Home robotics and smart houses
    • Health robotics and personal assistance
    • Working with robots in SMEs — Cobotic
    • Human-robot interaction design
    • Components, processors and software for robotic platforms — nano-robotics, S-3D vision, augmented reality, artificial intelligence
  3. INNO-ROBO Expo will feature a floor for live robotics demonstrations by dozens of different robotics companies and professionals.