Internet is ‘victim of vicious smear campaign,’ finds report

July 5, 2011 | Source: New Scientist

(Credit: Nominet Trust)

A report released July 4 claims that the Internet has actually been the victim of some sort of vicious smear campaign.

Its key conclusions, compiled by neuroscientist Paul Howard Jones of Bristol University:

  • There is no neurological evidence that the Internet is more effective at “rewiring” our brains than other environmental influences.
  • The Internet is a “valuable learning resource and all forms of learning cause changes within the brain.”
  • Social networking sites, in themselves, are not a special source of risk to children, and are generally beneficial as they support existing friendships.
  • Playing action video games can improve some visual processing and motor response skills.
  • Computer-based activity provides mental stimulation and this can help slow rates of cognitive decline.