Metaman: The Merging of Humans and Machines into a Global Superorganism

October 12, 2012
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Gregory Stock
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The author of The Book of Questions claims that humankind and technology have merged into a new global entity, a living extension of humankind acting through a complex system of computers and offering a promise of ever-greater prosperity.

From Publishers Weekly

In this supremely optimistic futuristic survey, Stock (The Book of Questions) argues that a symbiotic union of smart machines and humans, combined with increasingly interdependent global communications, trade and travel, is coalescing civilization into “Metaman,” a planetary superorganism.
Constantly monitoring itself and its environment, Metaman is responding, albeit slowly, to global warming, overpopulation, the need to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and other crises. Combining sweeping generalizations and intelligent forecasts, Stock predicts an expansive future for Metaman, with advances in genetic engineering, computers, space exploration and medicine, possibly including significantly lengthened life spans. Illustrated with photographs and drawings, this wide-angled report fails to convince the reader that Metaman is anything more than a metaphor.