Near-Future Fictions Vol. 01 | Virtual Futures Salon

Dates: March 7, 2017
Location: London, UK

Join Virtual Futures for our brand-new events series ’Near-Future Fictions.’

Throughout 2017, we plan to reassert the significance of science fiction as a tool for navigating the increasing technologization of society and culture.

Join us for an evening that incorporates original reading, performance and live art to explore the possible consequences and impacts of the latest scientific developments have on our ontology. Together we will question what it means to be human in the 21st Century.

This month’s theme: ‘Interrogating The Future.’

We are particularly interested in works that offer an alternative discourse to the evangelisation of technology by the tech-elite, works which comment on technology, science and the future in unique ways that both inspire and capture the imagination. In the words of Frederick Pohl, “A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.”

Virtual Futures has a long history of hosting a range of renowned fiction authors including Alan Moore (Author of WatchmenV for Vendetta), Pat Cadigan (Queen of Cyberpunk and the Author of Synners and Fools), Arthur & Marilouise Kroker (Editors of CTHEORY), Hari Kunzru (Author of Transmissions), James Flint (Author of The Book of Ash), Rachel Armstrong (Author of The Gray’s Anatomy), Gwyneth Jones (Author of Bold As Love) and O(rphan)d(rift>). We look forward to having you join our distinguished alumni.

Each event includes an unannounced special guest(s).

—Event Producer