NextFest: The Shape of Things to Come: Dream Machines

May 6, 2004 | Source: Wired

Five design giants build the imaginary supergadgets of 2014:

  • The Charm Bracelet is a flexible, foldable gizmo that includes a screen, a microphone, a multipurpose camera, a biometric thumbprint scanner, and a tactile control panel, letting you access data from any convenient device.
  • [EYE]D is a workout tool that analyzes everything from vital signs to body movement and makes adjustment suggestions in real time. This information is collected by MEMS sensors embedded in clothing and equipment. It also allows bfans to experience sporting events from the perspective of players.
  • SensEye captures information like a personal TiVo, tagging your events with what, where, and when metadata.
  • o2m2 is an origami-like semiflexible ultrathin OLED touchscreen (and integrated flat components) can be folded into different configurations for phoning, gaming, or full-screen movie watching, based on how it’s folded.
  • CanCam for videoblogging.