on air | The Late Show w. Stephen Colbert: comedian Marc Maron talks Ray Kurzweil

The award winning comic actor dialogs about life before tech.
June 19, 2018

video | the Late Show w. Stephen Colbert
Popular comic actor Marc Maron talks Ray Kurzweil and singularity themes w. host Stephen Colbert.

about | In this episode of television talk show the Late Show, Emmy Award winning host and comedian Stephen Colbert interviews comedian and personality Marc Maron — who says: we’ve turned our brains over to technology. Maron remembers a time before people could Google the name of that guy who invented peanut oil.

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broadcast: CBS
television show title: the Late Show w. Stephen Colbert
season: no. 3
episode: no. 156
date: June 14, 2018

host: Stephen Colbert
guest: Natalie Portman
guest: Marc Maron
music talent: alt J feat. Pusha T

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Portrait of comic actor Marc Maron.

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from: the Late Show w. Stephen Colbert

host: Stephen Colbert
guest: Marc Maron

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— dialog transcript —

Stephen Colbert — What did we do before there were podcasts?

Marc Maron —  I don’t know what we did. There was a time before wi-fi and before the cell phone, where all of us had to do things like wait. And then if you were actually waiting that’s all you could do. Just stand there, that’s all you could do.

Stephen Colbert — I remember.

Marc Maron — And now I don’t know how we turned our entire brain over to the machines, to the phones, to the computers. I mean we’re just gleefully enabling the singularity. Like bring it on. It’s a dense joke, it’s really only for a couple of people.

Stephen Colbert — Ray Kurzweil would get it.

Marc Maron — But the thing is, think about it: if you lose your phone you’re 2 hours away from wandering the streets going what’s my name? Where do I live? What are my children doing? Where do they live? police: Do you need help sir — no I need my phone, I’m not sick.

So there was a time when you’d be driving to work listening to just radio, that was all that was available. Maybe you’re eating some trail mix, maybe you’re chewing on a peanut.

And your brain just all of a sudden goes: hey who’s that guy who discovered peanut oil, peanut butter, peanut oil guy. We learned about him in elementary school, 3 names. What was his name. And that was sort of your day. You know, you’d go to work and stuff but every couple hours: ah peanut guy, why can’t I remember his name!

And there was nothing you could do! You maybe ask a friend at work: dude — peanut guy, he invented peanut oil, 3 names — do you know who he is? And the guy’s like: I don’t remember, why are you so worked up about it? Because I can’t remember!

Then maybe you go to lunch from work, you eat a sandwich. That’s all you could do, eat the sandwich. Watch other people eat a sandwich. Maybe reflect on the sad tedium of self-awareness. You go back to work, you sit down at your desk: Ah peanut guy! Then maybe you call a friend: dude — it’s me.

That’s the other thing, like you had to wait to check your messages at the end of the day. You call you got a machine. Remember machines? You call a friend, hey dude it’s me listen: peanut guy, what’s his name? He invented peanuts, no not peanuts — peanut oil, peanut butter. 3 names I can’t remember. Are you there? Pick up, if you’re not call me later. I’m ok call me back. And you hang up.

Then you finish work, you drive home. You go to a video store. Right remember video stores? It was a better world then — and because there was still shame in [ censored for general audience ] .

Stephen Colbert — The curtain.

Marc Maron — If you wanted to watch [ censored for general audience ] you had to rent it from someone you knew, so you had to make a decision: oh it’s that girl, I’m not going to go into the back and rent [ censored for general audience ] from her!

So you check yourself, right. Not like today, you’re just at home alone — tumbling down an endless rabbit hole of wrong-minded [ censored for general audience ] . You know what I mean. No moral compass, no tether.

So anyway, you get home from work, and you look at your machine. Hey it’s beeping, there’s a light. There’s one light: I got a message! Oh my gosh this is so exciting.

You hit the play button: George Washington Carver man — are you ok? It’s George Washington Carver!  Man you sounded really weird and I didn’t have anything to do — so I went to the library. I’m still here, pick up if you need me to look up anything else! And that’s how you did a search back then.

Stephen Colbert — Marc Maron everybody.

— end of transcript —

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* CBS is the Columbia Broadcasting System
* Marc Maron is Marcus David Maron
* Stephen Colbert is Stephen Tyrone Colbert
* Pusha T is Terrence Le Varr Thornton
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