Our Uncertain Future: When Digital Evolution, Global Warming and Automation Converge

November 12, 2013
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David M Mills Ph.D.
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There are many different predictions about our future.  Some experts predict an incredible future propelled by digital technology and other advances, others predict destruction due to climate change, yet others predict automation will cause massive unemployment and economic collapse.  We have been told of advantages and warned of dangers of artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and other technologies.  Each author has largely ignored the other points of view.  But, there can be only one future.

This is a refreshing new look at our one future from a former university professor who holds advanced degrees in electrical engineering, physics and psychology.  The findings to date on climate change, automation, economics, history of technology, and future digital and other technological changes have been thoroughly reviewed, and a synthesis offered that includes all these forces in a single future.

The result is a prediction of a future in which the precise details of our technological progress cannot be determined in advance, but a future which is predicted to unfold with ever more increasing rates of change, and a future that is incredible in its overall possibilities.

The best way to prepare for this future, a future already well underway, will be to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the changes driving our future, the opportunities offered by the very technologies driving us toward our incredible future. Because of the very high rate of change expected, the author also argues that there are certain actions that should be avoided for now, until the situation can be reevaluated in a few decades.  

The future, though fraught with danger, can be surprisingly bright – if we can avoid some actions which may impede our progress and make good use of the opportunities embedded in the challenges to come.

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