Sander Olson

July 11, 2009

Sander Olson, first became interested in science and technology as a teenager in the 1980′s. He studied history as both an undergraduate at the College of Wooster and as a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. After receiving his MA in the history of technology and science from Case Western, Sander worked during the 1990s as an analyst for a government contractor. Sander found himself increasingly drawn towards the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries, and decided to transition towards those fields. Beginning in 2000, he began working as an internet journalist for semiconductor websites, and joined NanoApex. At NanoApex he created, a website dedicated to interviews of nanotechnology researchers. In 2005 NanoApex merged with He also covered technology symposiums, conferences, and exhibitions, and wrote numerous articles and book reviews regarding nanotechnology. In his free time, Sander enjoys traveling, exercising, and reading about both ancient and modern history.

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