Singularity University Summit Europe 2013

October 11, 2013

Join technology experts, global CEOs, CTOs and Chief Strategists at the first Singularity University (SU) European Summit on Exponential Technologies

2013 is the year that Singularity University will expand its presence abroad.

In November of this year, SU will launch the Summit Europe, bringing together thought leaders and high octane doers in various technology fields.

SU will convene thought leaders and breakthrough companies to explore exponential technologies and their impact on generating further advances.

The first Summit will be held in Budapest, Hungary on November 15-16, 2013.

What is Summit Europe?

Singularity University will spark a public discourse on the role of technology in the future.

The Singularity University (SU) Summit Europe will bring the best of the SU classroom: showcasing what has changed in the world of exponential technology and what companies have emerged from SU Labs over the last 12 months.

Why attend Summit Europe?

Join a select group of C-level executive leaders in Technology, Business and Government for an intensive overview of the disruptive influences and expanding opportunities presented by the convergence of Exponential Technologies.

Participants at Summit Europe will learn from leading experts how key breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, design & 3D printing, medicine and neuroscience, and security are changing our lives and the future of business.


Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Explore how artificial intellignece & robotics is advancing exponentially as increasing computing power and connection speeds allow smart machines to be mobile and more intelligent. From robotic surgery, autonomous vehicles, personal robot assistants, to revolutionary biotech automation, this section will discuss the major developments in robotics. It will include the major opportunities and implications that robotics have for various industries and how new breakthroughs are expected to transform various aspects of the economy over the coming years.

21st Century Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an exploding field and this session will talk about how since the completion of the human genome project in 2001, genetics has been transformed into a digital information technology: becoming faster, easier, and cheaper to do year over year. These advances are expected to accelerate for decades to come, and to deliver a sustained wave of bio-based innovations to medicine, agriculture, energy, and more, with potentially world-changing ramifications. This session will review the advances and shifting dynamics in the biotech space today that involve genomic technologies, synthetic biology, systems biology, and personalized medicine.

The Future of Security

Explore the current and future effects of security. Thus far, criminals have proven themselves much more adaptive than law enforcement in the global battle against technology crime This session will address the criminal applications of robotics, virtual worlds, nanotechnology, ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, bio-hacking, social data and location-based crime.

The Future of Medicine and Healthcare

Comprehensive overview of what is in the lab today and what is coming to market in the next 2 to 10 years. The presentation will concentrate on breakthrough developments ranging from 3D printing to organ regeneration, from point-of-care lab-on-achip diagnostics to large-scale bioinformatics; from synthetic biology to new gene based therapies. All of these and more are discussed in the context of current explosions of digital information and distributed healthcare.

Accelerating Societal and Economic Disruption

Presentation about how the global economy is accelerating. It used to take 20 years to create a billion dollar market or product. Today that is happening in months. Internet, mobile and e-commerce technologies are combining to radically disrupt the very future of commerce. In a world of shortened product cycles, how do legacy enterprises and governance structures cope when technology is accelerating away from us? This presentation will cover some of these issues and suggest organizational mechanisms to cope with these disruptions.

About Singularity University

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponentially accelerating technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

The Summit Europe introduces leaders and policy makers to Singularity University and the themes of accelerating change, to understand how emerging technologies will impact their industry and regulatory environment.