Super Wi-Fi Summit 2014

Dates: August 11 – 14, 2014
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Innovation Opportunities: Lesson Learned from Wi-Fi will lead to Super Innovation

Wi-Fi Act II

This conference is about providing you with the knowledge you need to use Super Wi-Fi to satisfy spectrum requirements for new products and revenue opportunities; without the need for carrier network build outs.

That’s a strong proposition – but it is possible with Super Wi-Fi and other advances in spectrum sharing solutions.

Get the full 180 on the opportunities, road blocks, technical requirements and the regulatory environment that will envelop this opportunity now and in the future.

Wi-Fi Act II Will lead to Viral and Explosive Growth and Opportunity

Attend Super Wi-Fi Summit and Learn:

  • The investment opportunities for anyone to use spectrum in the future.
  • Solutions to support M2M requirements without the need for carriers
  • Case studies of various company types using license free spectrum to implement cost effect solutions
    • Enterprises,
    • Municipalities
    • Educational institutions
  • How Regulatory policy will foster this opportunity

Hear from, and Meet with the Entire Shared Spectrum Ecosystem Including:

  • Database Providers
  • Wireless Service Providers – WISPs
  • Regulatory Experts
  • Investment Community
  • Associations and Advocates
  • Device and Radio Manufacturers