Tech predictions for businesses in 2014: mobility, wearables, intelligent assistants, gestural computing, facial recognition

December 31, 2013

Ready for facial recognition in stores — perhaps with pupil images? (Credit: Warner Brothers)

J. P. Gownder, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals offers these predictions for 2014 for businesses:

  • Mobility: Customers will actively shun businesses that lack mobile applications to enrich their experiences.
  • Wearables: will come to the enterprise, often in customer-facing situations. Google Glass could be the next big App Platform.
  • Intelligent assistants:  Intelligent agents like Siri and Watson will start to look more useful, interesting, and easier. They’ll help people shop, manage calendars, and surprise users by mining personal data. They’ll start to reshape the way we compute altogether.
  • Gestural computing: finally hitting the big time, with new applications, including manipulating and navigating medical imaging.
  • Facial recognition in stores: You’ll walk into a store and it “knows you” and customizes your shopping, as Tesco is doing with facial recognition software that allows it to serve up appropriate ad content in its stores. But will shoppers approve?