The E-Gang: Medical Marvels

August 16, 2002 | Source: Forbes

Forbes profiles eight visionaries in information technology for medicine.

  • Neuroscientist Kari Stefansson’s gene-mining software will allow doctors to create genetic profiles of patients within a decade.
  • TIGR’s Claire Fraser gene tests could one day let doctors customize drug treatment for the exact genetic strain found in their patients.
  • Rosetta Inpharmatics’ Stephen Friend plans to use DNA chips to spot which genes are most active in a cell and scan gene pathways on a massive scale.
  • Medtronic biomedical engineer Mark Rise’s brain implants are controlling Parkinson’s disease; obsessive-compulsive disorder is next target.
  • Neural Signals neurologist Philip Kennedy is wiring brain cells to a computer to restore movement to quadriplegics.
  • Doctors Brian Rosenfeld and Michael Breslow’s remote monitoring system lets one doctor and a couple of nurses care for patients in several separate ICUs at once.
  • Harvard internist David Westfall Bates’ technology is helping prevent medical errors.