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digest | Plant-e makes electricity from living plants

Combining food + energy production.

photo - plant + light-bulb - no. 1

digest | Civilization: knowledge, institutions, and humanity’s future

Insights from tech sociologist Samo Burja.

photo - cityscape + futuristic - no. 1

digest | Breakthrough AI method generates 3D holograms in real-time

For virtual reality, 3D printing, and medical imaging.

photo - man + hologram of city - no. 2

digest | Data is growing fast world-wide

So is the energy needed to power it.

photo - computer + data center - no. 2

digest | AI software tool disables automated facial tracking

As privacy + security concerns increase, artificial intelligence finds solutions.

photo - face recognition + man - no. 13

making headlines | Investigating the corona-virus pandemic with AI

The best global stories.

virus change

digest | Researchers use AI to model millions of drug combination side effects

Solving this historically complex problem.

photo - pills + orange - no. 1

digest | AI tool detects Alzheimer’s disease with 95% accuracy

Software finds tiny differences in the way people use language.

photo - scrabble + MEMORY - no. 1

digest | Google’s sweeping statistics

A look at the ever-growing numbers.

photo - smart-home by Google - no. 1

digest | A smart-home device for health check-ups

Bringing tele-medicine to life.

photo - TytoHome health exam + by TytoCare - no. 1

making headlines | Powerful antibiotic discovered by artificial intelligence

progress in: bio-medicine

photo - bacteria + petri dish - no. 3

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