Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds conference to be streamed live

August 17, 2010

The second day of the Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds conference (ASIM 2010), Tuesday, August 17, at 7pm PST, in San Francisco, will be streamed live at teleXLR8 on Teleplace.

The event will feature talks on Fundamental Issues – Resolution & Scale, “Me” Programs, Etc. by Randal A. Koene; Actionable Approaches – ASIM Now (Multi-neuron functional analysis in-vivo by Peter Passaro, Preservation & large-scale high-resolution structural analysis by Ken Hayworth); and ASIM in Context – Ongoing Advances in neuroprosthetics, AGI, Cyber-augmentation, embodiment, VR, etc., by Demis Hassabis and Monica Anderson.

To attend the session online in Teleplace and you don’t have a Teleplace account, contact the organizers for an account and read the help page.

About 30 persons attended the first session, with about 15 attending online. The first day featured four talks, followed by lively discussions, on Introduction to Advancing Substrate-Independent Minds, by Randal A. Koene; Computational Complexity, by Suzanne Gildert; Advanced Tools: synthetic biology, nanotechnology, etc., by Mark Hamalainen; and Preservation and Large-scale, High-resolution Structural Analysis, by Ken Hayworth (talk given via Teleplace). Pictures and videos are now available online, according to online organizer Giulio Prisco.