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letter: with Ray Kurzweil
January 1, 2020


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Dear Ray,

I’ve been a follower of your work since the late 1990s. Your optimism has always been a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, while you’ve eloquently explained the principal of accelerating returns — Earth is undergoing non-intuitive systemic changes.

In a 2011 interview you explained why you weren’t worried about climate change — but in that same year, a severe drought drove people in the country of Syria into a horrible humanitarian crisis that continues today.

Now, climate change is exacerbating the conflict between the countries of Saudi Arabia + Yemen — and immigration issues in Central America due to water scarcity.

Please help us fight climate change by lending your voice to the public discussion — and your mind for problem solving. I believe if you temper your previous level of optimism with a renewed look at the sobering reality we face, many people would listen. They’d respect your re-evaluation of our future.

I don’t think facing the grim realities of the climate crisis — the 60-something feedback loops, and inevitable socio-political conflicts — would defeat your optimism. Because it’s simply part of who you are, and we need that right now. We need people who can see the urgent climate crisis for the threat it really is to human civilization — and still inspire a movement to fight its devastating impact.

I’m not representing a specific advocacy group — I’m not affiliated with any activist organization. I’m just a concerned Earthling who’s also your fan. Thanks you for reading — and for all the inventions + insights over the years.


— letter —

Dear Tom,

Hello and thanks for writing.

You make some good points. As I’ll explain in my upcoming book titled The Singularity Is Nearer, the world is moving in the right direction on all of the issues that affect human well-being.

But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect — or that bad things won’t happen. The same thing is happening with renewable energy. It’s doubling every 4 years and I’m confident it will meet 100% of our energy needs by 2030.

Ray Kurzweil

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group: by the American Meteorological Society
tag  line: A global community advancing weather, water, and climate science + service.

publication: Weather, Climate, and Society
tag line: Research on weather + climate encompassing economics, policy, history, and social + institutional behavior.
story title: Water, drought, climate change, and conflict in Syria
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Water and climatic conditions play a key role in the economic deterioration inside the country of Syria. There’s a long history of conflict over water in these regions because of naturally occurring water shortages, the early development of irrigated agriculture, and complex religious + ethnic diversity. In recent years, water-related violence around the world has increased — because of the role water plays in development disputes + economics.



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climate change impact • in Saudi Arabia + Yemen | story
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publication: TruthOut | series • Planet or Profit

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Investigating the overall effects on the eco-system.



TruthOut | How feedback loops are driving run-away climate change

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publication: the Guardian
series:  The ultimate climate change FAQ

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Facts + Resources — about climate change covering science, politics, economics.

the Guardian | What are climate change feedback loops?

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AMS = American Meteorological Society

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