event | Finovate: series

theme: Experience future fin-tech first.
January 20, 2019

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— about the event series —

Finovate conferences showcase leading-edge banking and financial tech with a unique blend of short-form demos and key insights from thought leaders.

With insights and connections you only find at Finovate events. See leading-edge banking, financial + payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo format. Get advice from 100s of fin-tech experts. Explore contemporary topics like artificial intelligence + open banking.… read more

event | AI World Forum

theme: Dialogue on the future.
January 20, 2019

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event title: AI World Forum
brand: the Digital Finance Institute org.
theme: Dialogue on the future.

season: spring
when: March 4 —5
year: 2019
where: Toronto, Canada

on the web: website

— summary —

Artificial Intelligence World Forum… read more

Silicon Valley Forum | Seeds of Our Future: Agtech + the Connected World

August 13, 2018


Silicon Valley Forum’s the Seeds of Our Future: Agtech & The Connected World invites global AgTech innovators on a one-week journey through Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and the Central Valley, where you’ll explore sustainable, scalable solutions for the projected population increase in the years to come. California is home to the world’s most productive seats of both technology and agriculture, and this program examines the ways in which we… read more

World Future 2018

August 13, 2018

story - brand - World Future Society - no. 1

World Future 2018 | From Dystopia to Eutopia: Creating a Future Too Good to Be True (But Isn’t)

You are invited to join us in Chicago August 16 — 17  for a unique opportunity to more deeply connect with your fellow World Future Society members — through expert facilitation, collaborative adventures, and organized conversations with leaders across multiple industries and expertise.

At World Future: 2018, you can expect:

  • Immersive sessions on

read more

me Convention 2018

August 6, 2018


Join today’s makers and thought leaders for the three-day, cross-cultural me Convention and explore the future through the lens of technology, art, and design.

• what to look forward to •

Explore the entrepreneurial spirit of vibrant Stockholm at the me Convention this September while immersing yourself in countless events and thrilling highlights at various hotspots.

me Convention 2018 finds a home in the Scandinavian… read more

Future Port Prague

August 5, 2018


Founded in 2017, Future Port Prague became the largest international visionary event in the heart of Europe. It explores how exponential technologies dramatically shape our future and how to thrive in it.

At Future Port Prague, we believe in future where people are empowered not intimidated by technology. We want to let everybody “touch the future” not only through inspiring talks but as well a first-hand experience. We want… read more

Industry of Things World

August 5, 2018


Europe’s No.1 Industrial IoT Show!

Industry of Things World is an international knowledge exchange platform bringing together more than 600 high-level executives who play an active role in the Industrial Internet of Things scene. Rethink your technology & business strategy for scalable, secure and efficient IoT: cloud, robotics, automation, standards, interoperability, security, data!

—Event Producer

event | the Future in Review

August 1, 2018


Hosted by About Mark Anderson, founder and publisher of the Strategic News Service™, the Future in Review® (FiRe) conference exposes world experts and participants to new ideas in a manner that produces an accurate portrait of the future in technology, including the global economy, cloud computing, biology and medical diagnostics, policy, netbooks, space travel, sustainability, and other fields that contribute to technology outcomes. (Strategic News Service… read more

SIGGraph 2018

August 1, 2018

For more than four decades, SIGGRAPH conferences have been at the center of innovation in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Immerse yourself in a new generation of technology, trends and techniques at SIGGRAPH 2018.

Here’s how you (and your employer) can benefit by joining us in Vancouver.


The most accomplished minds in research, design and development gather at SIGGRAPH to share their discoveries and innovations. From VFX and… read more

World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018

June 29, 2018

World Virtual & Augmented Reality

The 2nd Annual World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018 is the only event that brings together the entire sports ecosystem. The Summit connects the world leading content owners, brands and broadcasters in sports marketing, innovation and performance with the thought leaders in immersive and wearable technology and big data. By uniting both worlds we understand and learn how to apply and activate technology innovations to monetise… read more

TransVision 2018

June 26, 2018


The topics considered will be very broad, ranging from recent medical advances to artificial intelligence and robotics. The first keynote speaker will be Sophia, the first humanoid robot that was awarded citizenship last year. TransVision 2018 will have other keynote speeches by pioneers of the futurist movement like Natasha Vita-More and Ben Goertzel, among many others, both members of HumanityPlus and other leading institutions.

— event producer

Robotics: Science and Systems 2018

June 22, 2018

Robotics Science and Systems 2011

The Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) Conference brings together researchers working on all aspects of robotics, with presentations, workshops, poster sessions, tutorials, and fun!

Keynotes: Telerobotic Touch, Robotics: Making the World a Better Place through Minimal Message-oriented Transport Layers, Robotics technology for underserved communities: challenges, rewards, and lessons learned, Robot Technology and the Future.

—Event Producer

Humanity+ in Beijing 2018

June 19, 2018


Multidisciplinary Approach: Our model in analyzing the dynamic interplay of accelerating technology is based on opportunity analysis. In this sphere, much of our focus is on technologies that help humanity overcome odds. Looking into the near-term future, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, dynamic interfaces, and anticipated future technologies foster new forms of energy and opportunities for space exploration. Our theoretical interests focus on posthuman topics of brain simulation, automated collaborative filters, mind uploading,… read more

Deep Learning for Robotics Summit San Francisco

June 18, 2018


The Deep Learning for Robotics Summit brings together influential researchers, disruptive startups, and leading robotic companies to explore how we can improve robotic skills via applied deep learning. Advancements in reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, computer vision and progressive neural networks are impacting robot development. Deep Learning advancements plus, robot manufacturer innovations will create the next generation of skilled robotics impacting our world.

— event producer

event | Emotion AI Summit

by Affectiva
June 18, 2018


We live, work and play side-by-side with artificial intelligence — it’s in the fabric of our lives. It can be seen in the devices and tech we use across: at home, in the places we work, in our cars.

Today, AI is doing things on our behalf. It’s making us more efficient, faster and sometimes even happier. But with so many aspects of life being touched by AI, we’re… read more

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