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August 1, 2022


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company: Best Buy
featurette title: the Future Innovators series
date: 2020

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from: Best Buy | home ~ channel
tag line: Our purpose is to enrich lives through technology.
banner: Making technology work for you.

about | the featurette

The Future Innovators series by Best Buy profiles real young people using personal computers to design tomorrow. When a technology is right, anything can happen. So we’re asking the question: what can happen when the right students + the right tech go off to college?

source: Best Buy

guide | parts 1 to 7

part 1. |

title: the SM-7 project
quote | We’re using our laptops to defy gravity + help soldiers climb walls — we created the SM-7 project.

part 2. |

title: the nano-quad-rotors project
quote | We’re using our laptops to take robotics to new heights — we created nano-quad-rotors.

part 3. |

title: the uBeam power project
quote | I’m using my laptop to create wireless power — I created the uBeam project.

part 4. |

title: the Intern Queen website
quote | I’m using my laptop to help students find internships — I created the Intern Queen website.

part 5. |

title: the Zero Touch project
quote | I’m using my laptop to turn any computer monitor into a multi-touch screen — I created the Zero Touch project.

part 6. |

title: the Kiva platform
quote | I’m using my laptop to enable micro-loans that change lives — I created the Kiva platform.

part 7. |

title: the Soccket project
quote | We’re using our laptops to turn soccer balls into a power source — we created the Soccket project.

— notes —

quad = four

nano = nano-meter
nano is colloquial for extremely small

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